To create a blog in wordpress if you have the tools, it’s a matter of few minutes. The basic requirement is to have a PHP server and MySQL database.

CPanel servers typically offers a tool called Softaculos, and allows to install WordPress with a few clicks.

If you do not, you’ll have to do it manually, and this argument will be another article. Now we see how to do it automatically.

1) Register your domain on a server with CPanel and installed Softaculos, the provider I use is Arvixe.

2) Access into the CPanel

Screenshot 8.8.2013 to (s) 01/17/20

3) Find the Softaculus Tab ( Arvixe has it installed by default) and click on install wordpress (first left),

Screenshot 8.8.2013 to (s) 19/01/50

4) When you are in the installation details click on install wordpress (top right)

Screenshot 8.8.2013 to (s) 01/20/39

5) Choose the domain name and fill data and password and click on install (bottom of page)

Screenshot 8.8.2013 to (s) 01/21/20

6) Finished!

Screenshot 8.8.2013 to (s) 01.39.59