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My Experience with Arvixe Web Hosting

I have been searching for a long time for a web hosting solution at a good price and while I could ensure high quality.

Finally after changing a few providers and being very disappointed for the lack of communication, services that were not working, support  not really responsive and qualified … and having spent a lot of time reconfiguring servers and move my webs back and forth … I found and I am very happy with them, I has explain why.


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The VPS Server I recommend for your online business

I’m using a VPS Arvixe and the truth is that I am very happy with them.

My server is a Virtual Private Server with the following features:

  • Hard Drive: 100 GB
  • Transferred data: illimited
  • Dedicated RAM: 3 GB
  • CPU Cores: 8
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • A free domain

The Control Panel is Cpanel and I have root access to the Linux shell.

Also includes free installation of a SVN repository for code that I use to back up all my projects.


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How to Create a WordPress Blog in 5 minutes?

To create a blog in wordpress if you have the tools, it’s a matter of few minutes. The basic requirement is to have a PHP server and MySQL database.

CPanel servers typically offers a tool called Softaculos, and allows to install WordPress with a few clicks.

If you do not, you’ll have to do it manually, and this argument will be another article. Now we see how to do it automatically.


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How to install PrestaShop online store in 5 minutes?

Prestashop is a very powerful tool that allows you to completely manage your online business, without having to worry about coding.

It is made ​​in PHP with MySQL database, so to host it, you need a server that support PHP.

As I did an article on how to install WordPress ‘ll also point the steps to create an online store with Prestashop, and I’ll show you the fastest way to do it.


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SSD Performance increased with Arvixe VPS

I just did an upgrade to my VPS server and now it is running with 8 Cores type Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU [email protected] E5-2620, with 3 Gb of Ram and 100Gb HDD SSD.

Passing from 4 to 8 Cores I have seen that there is a noticeable difference in performance, and also with the SSD hard disk improved alot the performance of the server.

My server is a WHM Cpanel on CentOS, I have root access and I have a chat via online support on 24/7

The provider is Arvixe , and they have different offers starting from 4$/Month.

The SSD option goes to $ 10 a month, and professional VPS from 40$ /Month

Here is a result when I run the “top” command in linux shell output is this:

  top - 23:19:17 up 9:17, 1 user, load average: 1.14, 0.97, 1.14
 Tasks: 265 complete, 2 running, 263 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
 Cpu (s): 14.7% us, 0.8% sy, 0.0% ni, 83.4% id, 0.1% wa, 0.3% hi, 0.6% if 0.0% st
 Mem: 3087792k total 2309068k used, 778724k free, 93516k buffers
 Swap: 0k total 0k used, 0k free, 1442864k cached


 2926 mysql 15 0 737m 126m 3696 S 87.8 4.2 323:45.94 mysqld
 3255 16 0 189m duttotech 71m 8060 R 26.4 2.4 0:03.41 php
 3253 15 0 152m 34m duttotech 8428 S 3.0 1.1 0:01.88 php
 3252 15 0 151m 34m duttotech 8396 S 1.7 1.1 0:02.53 php
 3164 15 0 176m 59m duttotech 8600 S 1.3 2.0 0:02.91 php
 Duttotech 3300 840 1256 15 0 12 896 R 0.7 0.0 0:00.11 top


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